Looking for lightweight footwear suitable for camp wear and possibly water crossing. The latter not as important as my usual hiking footwear = running shoes that dry quickly. I see Chacos run up to two pounds a pair--have seen other similar options. Anything lighter? 

I found these on Amazon, shoes I use them for water crossings and around camp. They're pretty thin on bottom, but offer some protection. They slip on easily yet won't fall off, and dry quickly. I bought the biggest size because I wear M14 boots, but to be honest they're too small. I'd definitely upsize if I could. There were a lot of reviews that said they ran small. My pair weighs 7 oz.

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Crocs, hands down.  Nerdy but lightweight, versatile and cheap.  Great for camp shoes. Fantastic for water crossing, get the next size down to really hold feet in place for gnarly crossings. Avoid cheap knockoffs, 2weeks ago river crossing in iceland, ankle strap popped loose

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have to agree - crocs are a winner for cost/weight/convenience/performance.  I prefer the closed top versions with no holes and a band to go around your heal (see Crocs Mesh Wave) as that band near the heal is the perfect spot to clip your crocs to your pack on a caribeaner.   


I like Crocs for this. Toes are enclosed, they're super light, and make great camp shoes besides. They don't absorb water so they'll dry pretty quickly.


That’s what I use. I attach them to the outside of my pack. 


@SILHiker has a good solution but the soles are a little thin for me. I prefer Crocs like @Rascal. Have used these multiple times backpacking the Buffalo River Trail, even hiking in them a few times between and during frequent river crossings (avoiding removing boots/socks, wading, drying feet, boots/socks on again, walk 100 yards, repeat). Have also used Crocs as my camp shoe at Philmont Scout Ranch - meets the BSA closed-toe reqmt, durable and still lightweight-ish. Have this slightly beefier version from Amazon. Just weighed my M9 pair at 15.2 oz.

I carry z-Trail xeroshoes...   they are super super light weight (5.4 oz) and roll up to a tiny ball so they take up little space in a pack.  They are sandal style and can be worn with socks around camp.  They dry quickly if you use them to Ford a stream or river or want to swim in a rocky lake bottom.  They are amazingly Comfortable as well.

i used to carry Keen Newport water sandals but they literally weigh 5 times as much (1.75 pounds!!!)


the xeroshoes were by far the best alternative I found to cutting base weight and still have a good shoe for water or camp site relaxation.

Thanks for the tip--found them and will try a pair. 


Ultra light weight is one thing, foot protection is quite another. If the foot protection is there these are a good option. If not, beware. Unlike camp shoes which only have to be comfortable, river and stream crossings require actual foot protection. When I backpacked the Escalante River in Utah we crossed and recrossed the river repeatedly. The water was so turbid that there was no way to see the bottom or know when you might step into a hole. We always unhooked our hip belts when in the river, and on that trip I used a cheap pair of Nike boots that were throwaway for the trip. I would have loved to have had the Crocs on that trip but had never heard of them. I think my camp shoes on that trip were Nike water shoes that I wear around the pool and into the water. No foot protection though. Anything sharp would have gone right through the stretchy fabric. YMMV!