@Philreedshikes InReach minis do seem to go on sale about twice a year. 

For me I was practically force to buy one at the last minute because I was told to.  I had to pay full price and go elsewhere because REI had none in stock...everyone went camping...or at least bought camping gear...this year.

InReaches are not that cheap to run though.  The minimum cost is about $25 per year "enrollment"  plus $15 per month for the most basic service... SOS...10 messages...1 weather and everything else is pay as you go.   Once you pay the Annual fee and first month,  you can suspend it until you need it again that year.   You can upgrade the plan immediately and then downgrade it or suspend it for the next month.  I did one month "Recreation" @$25 to get the unlimited tracking for my wife and others to follow us on our trip but I downgraded it to "Safety" for this month just to see if I will use it..so far looks like a bust so I may suspend it for next month...but you have to stay on top of it which is a bit of a pain.  I guess setting InReach "appointments" on your cell phone calendar could help with that.