@bryndsharpand others,

Don't get me wrong, the Grayl Is a good water purifier! As I said, I saw it years ago and it was impressive back then, what I meant was, someone asked them what would happen if they processed a Coke. Admittedly, they said they didn't know, so they tried it. IT WORKED! The liquid that came out was perfectly clear!!

However, as I've ALSO said, there's a difference between water purifiers and water filters, such that they are two COMPLETELY different categories!!

What KIND of water purifier you need depends on what you want to do with it (yes, only purifiers remove dissolved solids). Need to purify sea water? Then you need a desalinator. Other types of dissolved solids require purifiers rated for those uses.

But again, you have LITTLE to worry about in 'first world countries like the U.S. Here, a filter is all you should use! Even then, though the likihood of giardia or crypto' infection is unlikely, whether it would be a serious problem for you depends on whether you have some preexisting condition, OR, if you can't go home for more than a about week (i.e. if you find yourself in a survival ordeal). Then, dehydration due to diarrhea is likely.

In any case, any purifier, including the Grayl, is objectively overkill. But, buy what you want. If you're NOT expecting to face virus-infected water on a hike, you'll get FAAAR more "bang for your buck" with a filter like my Sawyer Micro!!!