About 3 weeks ago, we picked up fuel canisters and bear spray at the Salt Lake City REI and then drove 3.5hrs to Pinedale, Wy to overnight, on our way up to the trail head just east of Jackson, Wy.

On these trips where you fly in and then fly out, you always have to leave the unused fuel and bear spray behind.

The spray was just about $50 at REI and it's a tough pill to swallow to have to leave a brand new can behind (what do you do with it anyway?)

So.....I decided that since no bears had been 'encountered' (mercifully), I would 'test' the spray out myself to get a feel for it's use in a 'non threatening' environment.  And, hey, admit it, who wouldn't want to do this?  Don't lie, I know we've all wanted to do this. lol

So I decided discharge the can at or near the end of the hike, but forgot to, so I still had it at the dispersed camping sites along the Buffalo Fork River.

Well, I announced my intent to the group, and there being no objection, and with the just the slightest of breezes, I positioned myself about 75' from the tents, down wind of course.

And sprayed away!  The can only discharges when the trigger is pressed, so you can do very long or very short bursts.  I was a bit surprised by the  volume (more than I thought).

Anyway, it was very interesting to see a yellow/reddish cloud form and gently, very slowly drift off.

But we forgot to film it.

So about 20 minutes later, the wind has all but stopped, and what is left of that yellow cloud...starts drifting, ever so slowly, back towards us....or so it was supposed.

There was a little coughing (I'm sure this story will grow) for about 10 minutes, buy hey, we were also in the midst of much smoke from the California wildfires, so who really knows for sure?

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