@MDAllen Both my brother and father are taller, heavier individuals. My father uses the REI Co-Op Flash Thermal Sleeping Pad. My brother uses the REI Co-Op Flash 3-Season Sleeping Pad. They used these pads after I recommended them, as I myself use the women's version of the Flash 3-Season, and they love them. I am also a side and belly sleeper, and love this sleeping pad because the small bubbles of air prevent you from sinking awkwardly into the sleeping pad (i.e. it keeps you elevated and supported no matter what position you sleep in). I don't like a super rigid platform when I sleep, though, so one trick I use is to leave my sleeping pad slightly deflated (meaning I don't inflate it all the way, usually stopping 1/3 of a breath - 1/2 of a breath from full inflation).


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