The Flicker is on my short list too...Since it had a full zip it lowers the risk of suffering from drafts on a colder night and reviews indicate high quality. A possible problem with that it you are sleeping on a zipper and the zipper might abrade a sleeping pad.  My friend punctured my X-lite I lent them with some attachment on the Katabatic quilt...we are not sure how...they were able to field patch it but...

Where I am torn is to whether go lighter and get a cooler bag for summer use.  Generally I go to the Sierra where it often freezes at night in the Summer and the LightYear 20 works for I think I want a 20.   On the other hand the 20 is a bit warm in the summer most other place... a quilt mitigates that but it would be nice not to carry the extra weight.

As far a moving around I have basically the same experience.  Part is side sleeping and a pillow helps with that.  I have found just always wearing a merino base layer also regulates the temperature better than not wearing anything much...I can open the bag or close it and still remain comfortable...I would do the same with a quilt. However I would probably get one with a good but optional pad attachment system to keep the quilt in place on the pad...Katabatic is suppose to be one of those..there are other designs like the UGO Bandit can come with what the call dynamic tension control ...basically shock cord tensioners in the quilts spit that stiffen the edges of the quilt and help it remain in place. In theory this kind of thing lets you turn on the pad and the quilt doesn't move.  This is unlike a mummy bag which half want to turn with you and half doesn't requiring a reset at some point in the night.

Too much to choose from really...why I haven't.