@OldGuyotI have both the Kelty Cosmic 20 (2 3/4 lb) and Cosmic 40 (1 3/4 lb).  I like both of them, no issues other than weight. I've stayed warm in the 20 when it got to around 5 by wearing a heavy baselayer, thick socks, beanie, and my el-cheapo down jacket.

I'm wondering if my constant flip-flopping would be an issue with a quilt, I seldom sleep over an hour at a time, and need to change positions to alleviate pain. That's where the thought of the zipperless/hoodless bag came in.

I don't mind spending some bucks if it's worthwhile. I've been looking for something along these lines:




At 26.2oz, 28.5oz, and 27oz for the long version, these look pretty good to me. Somewhere I've seen a hoodless/zipperless bag that you basically just slide into, although it escapes me now.

I'd be saving around a pound, so that's pretty significant.  Decisions, decisions, LOL


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