@PeterPexcellent choice on the Cnock + Sawyer combo.  My setup is not quite as advanced as yours, but I'm happy to share what I have.

I typically carry 2 1L SmartWater bottles, my CNOCK dirty bag and my Sawyer Squeeze filter.  I typically stop at water sources to fill up my SmartWater bottles and, if there's any extra in the CNOCK, just drink it out of the Sawyer squeeze.  If I know that I've got a long stretch between water sources or if I'm heading to camp, I may use the CNOCK to carry an extra 2L of water with me.

I connect the CNOCK to the dirty side of the Sawyer Squeeze and then connect the clean side of the Sawyer Squeeze with a coupling that I got on Amazon (link below).  I know that it's not exactly what you're looking for but hope that it helps. 


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