I'm hoping for some opinions on how much fuel I need for six or seven days in the Tetons. I am trying to decide whether I need to bring two canisters. The only size available is the 220.  I am looking at the map, but that doesn't take into account the fact that I only use my stove a couple of times a year, which, by the way, is a pocket rocket 2.  nor does it take into account the bad guys never use it at that kind of altitude.  I will be making 12.5 oz two person mountain House meal in the evening, either a mountain house or oatmeal for breakfast oh, and hot cocoa likely with those meals.  I am leaning towards two because fuel is not necessary the place I want to take the chance of not having enough in hopes of saving a few ounces. it's really more question of space sense I am going by myself and my osprey Xena 70 is going to be maxed out with the bear canister.