Hi, overall, sounds like a good outing. Firstly, check my prior post "HAMMOCK CAMPING, ALL YOU REALLY NEED!": https://rei.com/conversations/backpacking/wilderness-safety-and-the-truth-about-wilderness-survival/...

Secondly, 35+/- years experience here, about 10 years hammock camping. 

My set up includes a Big Agnes 15-degree hybrid sleeping bag/quilt, a Thermarest Pro-Lite sleeping pad, and a 3-in-1 hammock/tarp/poncho. 

My D.I.Y. "mod's" include four side pockets added to the hammock (above and below my elbows) and one above my head (more like a kind of 'shelf' for my sleeping bag until I go to sleep), a removable "pad pocket" (to keep the pad in place), a length of ultralight nylon rip-stop for a tarp (never needs to be 'staked down') and a clear plastic sheet for a rain tarp (this I can stake down OR pull over me like an awning!).  

And THAT'S IT! No fancy-shmancy "over-quilt, under-quilt, suspension straps, central heating, air conditioning, or car port". What I have is ALL you (or anyone else) actually needs!!! Of course, you can buy what ever you want, I'm sure there are plenty of sales people here who can help you with gear. But gear is not all there is to dialing-in your hammock setup...  

Sure, you can hang your pack on a tree (commonly where you hitched your hammock), but a better option is to hang your pack right UNDER your hammock! This way, you can isolate your pack, your hammock AND you from tree climbing ants, but your gear will be within reach AND protected from the elements.  

Your boots? I put a small carabiner on one boot, when I go to sleep, I hang my boots on the ridgeline with that carabiner, then slide my boots towards the bottom of my hammock (where the space would otherwise be unused).   For an added touch, I hang my smartphone on the ridgeline so I can plan the next leg of my hike, read, write, or even watch a movie (I know, I have no shame). I also hang a few other items on the ridgeline above my head like my headlight, my video cam', etc.  

You should also be able to get into AND out of your bag WHILE in your hammock, put your boots on and off, and even change your clothes, if you have to! (in case it rains or you need some privacy)  

There are a lot more pro tips, but that should keep you busy for a while. *;)