@REI-JohnJNo problem at all on all of the questions, I'm happy to answer (especially now that they're fresh on my mind).  Ideally, someone will benefit from this dialog.

  • Did I use a sleeping pad underneath?  I have a Thermarest Z-Lite sleeping pad that I took with me but I couldn't keep it under me, so I just ditched it and slept directly on the hammock.
  • I was in just about every position that I could think of in the hammock.  I did, quickly, learn that banana style wasn't going to work.  Ultimately, I found some sort of diagonal lay across the hammock that was pretty comfortable and fell asleep.
    • A side note here, I believe that there's a relationship between the distance between the trees and the height of the tree straps.  My trees were wide enough for my 12'x12' tarp to go diamond between them with some room on either side.  I ended up hanging the tree straps really high (about 8') and got what looked like close to the right 'sag'.  The more the 'sag', the easier it was to get diagonal in the hammock.
  • It's an Outdoor Vitals double hammock.  I believe that the dimensions are 11' x 6'.
  • I have a 50F sleeping bag that I unzip and use like a blanket.  
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