So today I tried this as a combo.... 2 eggs (21 gr powder), 1Tbs butter powder (7 gr), 1/4 cup freeze-dried sausage crumbles (20 gr) and 5 1/3 oz of water (158 gr).  I just threw it all in a zip-lock bag, rolled and smooshed it to dissolve the powders, put it in my Toaks cup on the Pocket Rocket, brought to a boil, then simmered for a minute or so until the eggs firmed up. Dumped it on a plate and kinda chopped it up. I did have some extra water to drain off, so I'm thinking I'll try 4 oz of water next time. It was very tasty, and not much trouble.

I used 6 gr of fuel, so I can live with that.

Nutrtition as I calculate it:

Eggs - 140 cal, 0 carbs, 10 gr fat

Butter - 50 cal, <1 gr carbs, 5 gr fat

Sausage - 139 cal, .5 gr carbs, 12 gr fat

Total - 329 cal, <1.5 gr carbs, 27 gr fat.

Total weight of food not counting packaging - 48 gr, 1.7 oz, 193 calories/oz. IMG_0914-2.jpgIMG_0915-2.jpg

You could easily up these numbers by increasing any of the ingredients.

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