OK, I have to admit that I have problems finding palatable breakfast food for backpacking. I'm not that thrilled with the eggs in the freeze dried breakfast meals that I've tried. I only do freezer bag or no-cook meals. I normally eat some variety of oatmeal for most mornings. After much research, I decided to see if I could make "scrambled eggs in a freezer bag". I purchased some OvaEasy egg crystals, put the "two egg" amount in a bag with the appropriate amount of water, and squished and rolled the bag. It seemed to mix up very easily, I couldn't feel anything grainy after just a few seconds. Got out my pocket rocket and toaks cup, filled the cup about 1/3 full of water, and lit the stove. Put the bag of eggs in, brought to a boil ( I don't normally boil water, just get it hot, but these are raw eggs), slowed it down to a simmer, and waited until they started to firm up. I opened the bag and stirred them a couple of times, cooked until firm alll over, dumped them on a plate (because I was at home LOL) added salt and pepper. I was truly surprised by the taste, they were almost as good as fresh eggs. Nice texture, tastes great, not watery or gritty.IMG_0912-2.jpg Yes, it took a little time and effort, and I'm sure it burned more fuel than my normal breakfast, but it was GOOD. I have some butter powder on order, and I keep freeze dried sausage on hand, so next I'll try a combo meal. This was really just an "egg" test. Next time I'll check to see how much fuel it takes, but I don't think it's a horribly high amount, since simmering doesn't use much. I'll post the combo meal results after that experiment is over.

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