Hey @nathanu! Super excited for your first hammock adventure!

I have loved every minute of my hammocking years, and although I do still take a tent out with me for some of my group excursions, there is nothing I love more than moving fast and light with my hammock and essentials. The one exception might be getting a comfortably cool night's sleep (fellow hot sleeper here, yay for us!)

I hope you've had a chance to work through your set-up process before heading out. Just like with a tent, the more familiar you are with the dimensions and limitations of your hammock system, the faster you can get set up once you are out there. Be sure to get a good pitch to the tarp to avoid rain pooling above you. You might also want to test out which pad, if either, is most effective to sleep on within the hammock, as the temperature you are expecting probably won't require both. 

Not to wax too poetic here, but my last tip for your first hammock trip: take your time picking the spot. One of the elements of hammocking that I love is being able to set up for my morning/evening view and the elements around me. First time out, I found strong trees at the base of a waterfall that hung just over the water. That first morning waking up was what hooked me on hammock camping for life.

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