I've been a hammock camper for about 10 years now (35 years experience), and although it can be challenging to find a good hang (even if the trees are a little farther apart than I'd like, once in a while), I much prefer a hammock to a tent!  First, you don't need an under quilt, over quilt, or most of the other JUNK they like to talk about (or sell you!)  For my sleep system, I have a Thermarest pro-lite (full length), and a  BA 15-degree RoxyAnn. In colder weather, I modified two down jackets and I modified a pair of knee-high wool socks, etc. (easily adding another 10-degree R-value).  For my shelter system, I use a hammock (convertible hammock, tarp, poncho), a SINGLE line (no "strap system"), a simple sheet of rip-stop nylon (for a tarp), NO hammock "tarp", I don't even steak it down! In the rainy season, I do steak a plastic tarp (a painter's drop cloth). And that's ALL you REALLY need! The way I string it up, I can sleep on my side if I like. And the whole thing packs into the sleeping bag compartment of my pack!! The rest of that... stuff... just lines someone's wallet. On the other hand, if you just can't hold on to your money, go ahead and spend (or mail your money to me, it'll be just as effective). 

I've had my system in 50mph gust windstorms, 20-degree temperatures, torrential rain storms and hot summer days. NEVER a bad night's sleep (kinda fun in high winds, actually). One winter morning, a hiker asked if it was cold the night before, after a moment I said, "I don't know, my system is pretty 'bombproof'", and I get compliments and even a few questions.  My point is, less is more. THINK about what you REALLY need, keep it down to the essentials, improvise other gear to make it multi-use for your sleep/shelter system, and adapt other gear in innovative ways.

For your first hammock camp, just see if you might like it. You'll know by morning, believe me! If you don't need it yet, don't buy it yet!! Again, THINK whether you REALLY need your next purchase!! Or, can you improvise or improve something to address the issue your next purchase was supposed to address.