So, I'm considering no longer being a ground dweller and have dipped my toes into the hammock camping world.  I've got an overnight trip planned this weekend and will only be taking a hammock, tarp and a ground cloth (an old piece of Tyvek) for my living quarters.  I don't have an underquilt, but the temp isn't supposed to get below 70F while I'm out.  I am bringing my sleeping pad (Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core SLX Sleeping Pad) and a closed cell foam pad just in case, but plan to just sleep in the  hammock (I'm a very hot sleeper).  My plan is to just try it out and see if it's even something that I'm interested in.  Anyone else doing or recently done anything similar?  Thoughts, suggestions, etc. on what I can / should do?  It should be a pretty easy hike (about 4 miles in with 1200' or so of elevation) but they're forecasting rain most of the day.  The idea of being able to string up a tarp and then get the rest of camp setup in the dry is kindof exciting.  Additionally, the idea of breaking down camp in the dry, regardless of what the weather is doing, is also kindof exciting.   I'll just take the tarp down last and shove it in the outside pocket of my pack.

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