@trails You still looking? I'm sort of in southern Texas but I can make it up towards Austin and maybe farther North if that's where you are. But I def feel the same way, during all this NO ONE wants to do stuff like this when it should be the other way around. Clearing the mind and going out a d having fun while being safe. 

@trails  Hello there! I just made a post about trying to find someone as well. I can definitely relate to your story as I'm currently going through the same thing. Got all my equipment & location but no one to go with. I'm loving the support from REI staff, but they can't bring their support out there irl and I understand that. If you can't find an experienced backpacker, let me know! Learning how to do these sort of things is def better done with someone vs without anyone. Depending on how up North you are and how central I am, I can probably make things work out on my end. 

@trails Check out this recent post by another beginner backpacker living in Texas!


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