I am still very new to backpacking but I went with the Sawyer Squeeze for water filtering.  I had read a number of reviews that noted that the filter was awesome but the bags left much to be desired.

I used the Sawyer bags on one trip and quickly realized a) why folks seem to love the filter and b) why folks seem to not love the bags.  I was able to get water but, unless there was a water fall or pipe, it wasn't easy (it was easy to get water into the bags if I could get the bag under running water).  I only used them on the one trip, so I can't speak to their longevity but can confirm that it was a pain getting water into them.

I've since bought one of the CNOC 2L bags and plan to use that for a trip coming up in August.   The Sawyer bags are small and lightweight, so I'll keep those with me (two is one, one is none) but I plan to use the CNOC bag as my primary means of getting water.

Happy Trails!

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