I'd say the best ultralight hack I've come up with is cooking using only a mug, spork, and mini stove for all meals.The real hack is that I wrapped the handles of the mug in some kind of non-conducting self-adhering tape I got from the HVAC section of the hardware store a long time ago. Sorry, I don't remember what it's called. This lets me grab the mug from the fire or the stove, so I don't need seperate pans, plates, bowls, etc. You can make mac'n cheese, dehydrated anything, soup, etc in it. Then you wipe it out and make some hot chocolate or tea.

I currently use a small, light MSR PocketRocket 2 (~$45) - but my father-in-law has one from amazon that similarly screws directly on the fuel he got for less than $20 that he loves and swears is a better product than mine.

I also currently use a Snow Peak Titanium mug (also ~$40). You might be able to get something else, but I've had no trouble with warping or anything and have used the mug directly on the heat source for years without issue. I also like the silicone hotlips you can put on it so you can drink from it while hot ($7 for 2). This mug is also big enough you could probably make enough hot water (or maybe even meal) for two, then split it with a second mug.

Hope this helps.