Hey @tjiganti! This is a great question that gets everybody's wheels turning. Which trails are you hiking? 

I just thought I would weigh in and give a different approach. What backpack are you using? Do you have straps on the very bottom of the pack to accommodate gear? 

I've found myself in a lot of wet weather, so I've transitioned away from keeping my tent in my pack. Instead, I put my tent on the outside of my pack at the very bottom, attached with the gear straps. I do this because if I wake up and it's pouring down rain, I can literally pack my entire backpack up inside my tent and remain dry while doing so. It also keeps things a little drier inside my pack. 

In the mornings, I'll pack up, throw the rain cover on my pack so it doesn't get wet while I'm breaking down my tent, and then (begrudgingly) exit my tent, break it down, and then just attach it to the bottom of my backpack, replace the pack cover, and hike on. This also makes it really easy to access my tent when the sun eventually comes out, so that I can lay the rainfly out and get everything dry. It also saves at least 10L of space inside my pack... with a 55L pack, every liter is precious! 


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