I have recently started hiking again as my son is 10 and now ready for some more strenuous hikes.  The shorter hikes were starting to get too easy for him so we decided that he could take the next step and do some overnighters.  We just completed out first over night trip of 16 total miles out and back.  He was pretty fatigued on the way back so I had to lighten his load some by carrying all of the water and other items that were weighing him down some.  Well doing this for him also made it tougher on me.  I dont have a ton of money to throw around on expensive ultralight gear but I would like to know what are some of your hacks that you use to lighten your load. 

Here are some of the things that I already know I need to look into lighter options for:

2 person UL or SL tent

UL Down SLeeping bag

Lighter weight water system


The things that I am most interested in is how to shave a couple of ounces here and there with things like :




personal items



I hope to hear from a lot of you guys and gals about this as I am looking forward to showing my son some of the higher up places in colorado and new mexico in the coming years.