Here are similar "negative" searches for other brands also for comparison with BRS...These show more typically expected occasional failures...  I only posed the search to illustrate the point.  I looked at all this a while back.

BRS Stove Failures 

MSR canister Stove Failures

Soto stove Failures

Optimus canister Stove Failures

Kovea Stove Failures  (Note: Kovea make the MSR stoves)

Snow Peak stove Failures

Jetboil stove failures

Note: I qualified the search with "canister" in a couple of cases to eliminate white gas stove failures.  Those are quite common since white gas stoves are fussy and we are not interested in them here.

Hikin' Jim's test was a casual field test in moderate conditions and the stove failed!  It wasn't supposed to be a wind test.  Sure,  if you want to do comparative performance tests you need controlled conditions but a stove should not fail boiling only 750 ml (25floz) in a moderate wind!   He has tested many stoves and states subjectively he has "never seen a stove this wind sensitive before".  

I don't know how gearlab formed their opinion. 

No I didn't buy one because to me it is not worth the minor weight,  size or cost savings to have something that is potentially unreliable in a dangerous way and has poor performance under typical conditions ( ie moderate wind).

Personally I think your windshield as shown is potentially dangerous and I would not want to be anywhere near it while you are running it.  That sort of sleeve shield should not extend below the burner head on a canister stove.  You need to leave plenty of airflow across the top of canister to avoid overheating it.  Also there should be sufficient gap to allow excess heat to escape between the shield and the pot.  The BRS3000T is a very short stove.  The burner is already close to the canister so that type of windshield with that stove is risky even if it only descends to the burner. 

Manufacturers recommend against using any kind of enclosing windshield with canister stoves so if you are not going to take their advice at least warn others that this design is outside of recommended usage and injury could result.