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I’m very far from any store-over 400 miles so can’t come in for a fitting. Ordered online. I think I figured out how to lengthen the torso with the velcro on the inside of the back. 
How far around the body should the pads on the belt extend? Trying to figure out if the belt size is correct. 
On the rain guard-couldn’t tell if there were supposed to be anchoring sites? Also does the grommet hole go on the bottom to allow drainage? Can’t tell what is the top. 
Would be helpful to have more specific written instructions or videos. I’ve watched the ones on REIs site. 
Any further info would be appreciated. 
If I use virtual visit for help with fitting what time zone is the appointment scheduled in? I live in Mountain time zone. 
At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.