Hi @PIMT. Ohh, I have a very very old Traverse pack, it is my go to! 

Super important to get the right fit, especially for you! Here is a great link to check out: How to size and fit a Backpack. There are some great images and a video for you to check out! If you still feel like the fit isn't quite right, our stores are open and can help with fit and if going into a store is not ideal, we also offer free Virtual Outfitting appointments.

As for the rain guard, also known as a raincover, I couldn't find images for your exact sized pack but was able to get an image of another size, same style...which I hope should be similar. Once you have your raincover on...which will cover the body of the pack and leave your shoulder/hip straps exposed, there may be some kind of attachment on the raincover to keep it from slipping off your pack. Please see this Raincover example: Image number 3 shows the strap side of the pack and the raincover attachment and then image number 4 shows the front of the pack.

I hope this helps! Happy Backpacking! 

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