I purchased a REI Traverse 65. Do you have a video or instructions for use of the rain guard? 

Also interested in any instructions for setting a correct fit. I purchased the correct size but would like more information about how to customize the fit. 




Hi @PIMT. Ohh, I have a very very old Traverse pack, it is my go to! 

Super important to get the right fit, especially for you! Here is a great link to check out: How to size and fit a Backpack. There are some great images and a video for you to check out! If you still feel like the fit isn't quite right, our stores are open and can help with fit and if going into a store is not ideal, we also offer free Virtual Outfitting appointments.

As for the rain guard, also known as a raincover, I couldn't find images for your exact sized pack but was able to get an image of another size, same style...which I hope should be similar. Once you have your raincover on...which will cover the body of the pack and leave your shoulder/hip straps exposed, there may be some kind of attachment on the raincover to keep it from slipping off your pack. Please see this Raincover example: Image number 3 shows the strap side of the pack and the raincover attachment and then image number 4 shows the front of the pack.

I hope this helps! Happy Backpacking! 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@PIMT Thanks for the email!

We are going to post your message here in the community so that @REI-JennyA can respond:

I’m very far from any store-over 400 miles so can’t come in for a fitting. Ordered online. I think I figured out how to lengthen the torso with the velcro on the inside of the back. 
How far around the body should the pads on the belt extend? Trying to figure out if the belt size is correct. 
On the rain guard-couldn’t tell if there were supposed to be anchoring sites? Also does the grommet hole go on the bottom to allow drainage? Can’t tell what is the top. 
Would be helpful to have more specific written instructions or videos. I’ve watched the ones on REIs site. 
Any further info would be appreciated. 
If I use virtual visit for help with fitting what time zone is the appointment scheduled in? I live in Mountain time zone. 
At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hello @PIMT!

Great to hear from you again! 

In regards to your hip belt question. When you have your hip belt buckled up and tighten around your waist. There should be at least 2-3 inches of space between the pads. The 2 foam pads should not be touching eachother when adjusted around your hips. This allows you flexibility to layer with different clothing options and also allows adjustability during your trip as it is common to loose weight during a backpacking trip. 

If the hipbelt is touching or overlapping then that means the hipbelt is too big and you may need to order a smaller size. You can exchange just the hipbelt and not the whole pack.

REI Co-op Traverse 65 Hipbelt

In regards to the raincover: Yes the grommet hole goes at the bottom of the pack and yes, this allows for drainage. I double checked my personal pack and it has 2 bungy cord attached to the raincover on both sides (on the inside), these go over the hipbelt and it also had the strap to hold it in place. just like the image 3 on here: Raincover

My pack is an older model and since I'm not in the store to check current models, not 100% sure if your raincover has the same features. But it is likely it does. 

In regards to the Virtual Outfitting. The appointment would be scheduled for your time zone and whatever time is convenient for you. 

Thank you! Happy Trails! 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.