Wait, let me be sure I have this right...  you don't own a BRS, nor have you EVER owned a BRS (otherwise, you would have mentioned it by now), so in order to minimize or negate any claim of the BRS being "GREAT", you did a search SPECIFICALLY on BRS "FAILURES"?

Then based on that negatively biased search, you chose to rely someone ELSE'S questionable opinion?? Sounds like more GUESSING to me, but let's review for a more EXPERIENCED, FIRST-HAND overview... 


HANDS-DOWN WINNER! Anyone looking for a MICRO-stove, like the BRS, is looking for an ultralight, ultrapackable option. For them, a stove like the BRS is AWESOME!! About HALF the size, HALF the weight and even HALF the price (or less) than, for example, the Pocket Rocket. Packability... CHECK!


Obviously, even if it's a bargain, it's worthless if it constantly breaks or fails WITHOUT cause. Even then, it must stand up to at least reasonable use. So, how do you define "reasonable"? The BEST answers would have to come from EXPERIENCED people with FIRST-HAND accounts, over an EXTENDED time.

I've had mine for AT LEAST five years and I go out for WEEKS at a time just about every month of the year into the backcountry. I have used it (and a few times, abused it) rain and shine, summer and winter, and it has performed FLAWLESSLY each and every time! It has NEVER failed to light, NEVER leaks at all, and ALWAYS shuts off when I want it to! Dependability and durability ... CHECK!


If the dependability is high and the price is low (particularly if the stove performs as intended the entire time), then that is not only a GREAT value, I think I paid about $20. Value... MONSTER CHECK! 


Fuel consumption is a secondary, but important, consideration. As I said, this depends more on the user than the stove. However, as stated, I can get a SMALL MSR gas canister to last for up to TWO WEEKS with my little BRS, so clearly, the stove is not a problem here! Fuel consumption... CHECK! 

Frankly, all other arguments are irrelevant NOISE, nevertheless... 


I looked at the "review" you regurgitated, and as expected, it was an attempt by a NON-scientist to give a scientific-ISH opinion focusing ENTIRELY on what he GUESSED were flaws. I, on the other hand, am science-oriented in addition to having considerable outdoor EXPERIENCE, and more to the point, considerable experience with the BRS micro-stove specifically. To start:


The wind "test" should NOT have been done in the field, it should have been done indoors, where the simulated wind could be measured and controlled, then applied EQUALLY to other MICRO stoves! THAT'S how it's done!! Nevertheless, the reviewer acknowledged ALL stoves with an open flame design are vulnerable to the wind! (just as I said), but what was NOT CONSIDERED (by he or you) was the ingenuity of more EXPERIENCED, like myself. 




Pictured is what my cook setup looks like

nested, my setup using the 'hobo stove' I designed as an integrated windscreen, and my setup in wood-burning, hobo-stove mode (yes, it can use chemical fuel, too). A design that compliments the BRS by adding virtually NO weight OR bulk while preserving the functionality of the BRS, a BRILLIANTLY simple design, if I say so myself (and I DO say so myself!) 


-The pot supports get "hot" after TWELVE+ minutes? Are you kidding me?? I use my BSR for about 3 to five minutes, MAX, and it has ALWAYS been enough to make a meal! Moreover, there's no way I could get up to TWO WEEKS out of a small gas canister, let alone by apparently turning the flame up to HI like the reviewer does!! 

-The arms "deformed" under heavy loads? What's he cooking, a 20lb TURKEY?? Again, LOOK at it, it's a MICRO stove, obviously made for SOLO use!! I use a 750ml Titanium pot, THAT'S the type of thing it's made for!!!  I could easily go on! 

Just making sure people get good, ACCURATE advice/opinions, as always. Bottom line, I suggest the only people who are happy with their BRS (and its like) are the only ones who have what it takes to use them correctly. 

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