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BRS 3000T failures

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Just because you got lucky and didn't get a bad one doesn't mean it is not a problem.

The BRS 3000T is a popular stove notably because it is small, cheap and light. If you get a good one it is better than it should be but it is definitely not a "great" stove comparatively speaking.

Independent tests demonstrate a considerable difference in wind performance between stoves. 

This comparison is kinder to the BRS 3000T than the above test...They give it a "best buy" but note its poor efficiency and wind performance. They also note that they got a good one...

It has not be "imitated by other companies" . It is just mass produced from a published design by many different Chinese factories which possibly explains the variable quality.   Sometimes it is private labelled by importers.  Just because it says BRS 3000T on it does not mean it is made by BRS ...there is such a company  although it is not actually clear that they are responsible for the BRS stove designs of which there are many or are just another packager with more coherent marketing.