Ah, but what all competitors fail to say, and some users fail to understand, is ALL mini/micro stoves with a similar "open flame" design need a windscreen (including the Pocket Rocket). That's just common sense.

As to the support arms getting "hot", it's a MICRO stove, it's not meant to be used for extended periods to make multi-course meals for a group of people. The size alone suggests solo use for simple meals.

Durability? I bought mine AT LEAST five years ago (and you KNOW how often I'm on the trail!) and it's STILL going strong! Before the "3000" model, I think (you are relying on revenues, I'm relying on EXPERIENCE... again). 

To deal with the wind issue, I designed a 'hobo stove' that nests with my mess kit and can be used as a windscreen. It can also be used with the pot lid (if I run out of gas) so I can burn wood or chemical tablets. But that's just my ingenuity (and experience) showing. 

The TRUTH is, the design is sound, otherwise it wouldn't have been around this long or have been imitated by other companies.

Just sayin'.