M-m-m-m we-e-ell, due respect to Pocket Rocket fans, there are a lot of good "mini" stoves, and Pocket Rocket is one of them. But if you're looking for a GREAT "MICRO" stove, I like my BRS Titanium!!!...

HALF the size, HALF the bulk, HALF the weight of the Pocket Rocket!! (at least!). However, there are a few VERY similar designs sold by different companies that make the design almost generic; Olicamp, Fire Maple, etc. and the price for this design is usually less (even half, or less) than the Pocket Rocket.

Fuel consumption? That depends on YOU (and whatever tips-n-tricks you use) and a lot of variables; altitude, type of food (instant, or longer cooking), using cold or warmer water, etc.

As for me, I can get a small MSR gas canister to last up to TWO Weeks. Just sayin'.