The soto amicus cookset is the best value cookset that REI currently sells since you get free pots for the price of the stove pretty much

The stove itself gets excellent reviews, has a built in peizo igniter which while you should not trust absolutely (ie. take a mini BIC lighter) means you can still light the stove if you forget to bring your lighter...a much more common failure than the peizo itself failing. They do wear out eventually but you can get a replacement.  Also they tend not to work at altitude (8000 feet +) although Soto's is supposed to be better.  I haven't had a chance to try it at altitude yet

The cookset pots are a nice size 1L and 0.5L and are aluminum which spreads the heat better at the cost of being slightly heavier than titanium. Overall it is a bit bulky but will contain a 220 size canister which you might want for a 10 day trip.  You can remove the spring steel handles and use an MSR pot grabber or similar to save a little weight...or just take one of the pots depending on your trip.  The Snow peak Hot lips work on the pots.

If you want to go more ultralight later you can combine the stove with a Toaks 650 or if you want a bit more volume for actual cooking, an Evernew IL pasta pot.

For longer trips I also like JetBoils...the Zip or Flash if you are just going to boil or the Minimo if you think you may "cook". These are more convenient and efficient and than standalone stoves but they are more heavy bulky and expensive.