@RedwoodsHiker thanks for asking about a tent with the 3rd vestibule feature - it's definitely not common and we had to dig a little! Here are a few tents you might consider; each is slightly different than the QD3 you linked but may still work!

  • Big Agnes Salt Creek SL3 Tent - features 2 side doors with vestibules, plus a front door with an awning vestibule (the video has a helpful demonstration!)
  • Big Agnes Blacktail Hotel 3 Tent - features a significantly larger vestibule design that may keep your gear out of the way even though it's stored near the entrance to the tent
  • Big Agnes Seedhouse SL3 Tent - features 1 main large vestibule with the door, then 2 "sidecar" vestibules
  • Nemo Dagger 3 Tent - only offers 2 vestibules, but the combined square footage is bigger than the QD3 so you may find you'd have enough space even with just 2...

We hope this helps give you some ideas!

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