I am a hot sleeper, and do most of my backpacking in summer months.  Even with a 50 degree sleeping bag, it is still too much, but I can't find anything reasonably priced that weighs less than my 1lb 15 oz bag.  I'd love to chop another pound from my pack weight; is there something that people use that works well in place of a sleeping bag for someone like me?  I've considered just bringing a cotton bedsheet...


Thank you in advance...

Hi @EthanAdams, thanks for reaching out!

I am a hot sleeper as well and have spent many a night seeking a balanced sleep experience. Temperature ratings on a sleeping bag are a nice base line to work off of, but don't feel restricted by the numbers. If it's a hot night I'll sleep with the bag unzipped or laid open to lose some of that unwanted heat. The cotton bedsheet may sound tempting, but if the sheet gets wet from the weather or excess sweat overnight it will be a while before the sheet dries out. If that happens, you'll be without functional covering for the night! If you are looking to minimize your weight, have you considered going with a hammock sleep system? Hammock systems tend to sleep cooler as the air circulating underneath draws heat away from the body. Hope this was helpful!

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@EthanAdams Check out the categories of bivvy sacks and, specially, bag liners.  Most current  bivvy sacks are glorified one person tents, which is not what you need, but simply a very moderately insulated bag.  There are lots of options out there, especially when combined with varying weights of clothing, etc.

I wish I had your problem.  You could always try backpacking in colder regions..... 

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Thank you!  I actually just purchased a decent quality bag liner and will be giving it a try in late July.  Seems like the perfect solution.

During the summer I use a nylon army ‘poncho liner’, it’s lightweight, inexpensive....imo perfect 



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