HI @mcdudr3 .  Looks like you've already gotten some good advice.  I personally have several tents, of various brands (Coleman, Sierra Designs, Mountainsmith, REI), sizes and designs.  And each has features I like, but also a few things I'd improve on to make them ideal.  Other than the weight, as @Philreedshikes mentioned, I think another big factor is ease of set-up and tear-down.  If you can, go to your local REI and see how intuitive the set-up is.  You may have times when you are setting up in the dark, or in adverse weather conditions.  Tents that have a footprint/fly-only option add some flexibility you may find advantageous.

Like @nathanu , I have a Passage, only mine is a 1 person.  Overall a solid tent that I can recommend, but for your purposes, as you mentioned, the 2-person version is a better choice.

Good luck and enjoy your journey!

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