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Hi @TDoodle , after consulting with our store's in-house expert on lightweight backpacking, I wanted to share a couple of tips for shedding pounds from your pack.

Step 1: Start is with your "big three" which includes your sleep system, your shelter, and your pack. Those are the biggest areas to gain or lose weight within your pack as you can shed pounds and not just ounces.

Step 2: Check for redundancy in your pack - if you have two items that do the same thing, bring the lighter of the two. Ideally, you won't have single-use items in your pack. A lot of times the "one extras" and "just in cases" are overkill (except for maybe socks and underwear).

Step 3: Go out and use your stuff, come back and look over your gear. What didn't you use? A couple of shakedowns before your big adventure can help make sure you are well-prepared without being over-packed.

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