I have a steripen and about 7 other methods.  Haven't used it for about 4 years,


  • you need a wide mouth bottle and you have to repeat the process over and over, pouring the water into a bigger 'holding' bladder.
  • the batteries, eventually, they go down, or out.

I'm surprised anyone would say they still boiled water.  More fuel to carry.  And walking down the trail, hey I need more water, at the next stream I'm going to unload everything from my pack and set up my stove.  Or..I'm going to use fuel to boil 2-3 liters for today's walk, so that's 4-6 extra pounds I need to carry, which I can't drink until it cools off.

If I was that worried (and I do worry about it), I'd re start my using of Chlorine dioxide tablets and wait the full 4hrs.  Note: I read a study which said they are 99.9% effective after only 30 min.

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