Thank you REI-JohnJ for your response.  DO YOU KNOW OF ANYONE THAT I COULD GET SOME ADVISE FROM THAT HAS HIKED THE "WONDERLAND TRAIL" in Mt. Ranier National Park.  I don't have any experience at backpacking, though I have experience at canoeing.  So I would like to talk to someone who has done the "Wonderland Trail" .  That would be so helpful !!!  Can you get me in touch with someone who has done the "Wonderland Trail" who would be willing to help me.   I do have some more questions that a person like this could help me with.  Thanks

About the dry bag.  I am looking at the Sea to Summit lightweight view 20L and the Sea to Summit lightweight 13L.   Does the regular Sea to Summit light weight come in 20L size ?  I can not see the specifics of either bag online.  Only way I can see the detail specs is to go to the compare screen.  When I do that, it does not show what kind of a closure these dry sacks have.  The other brands use a roll top closure.  Do these Sea to Summit lightweight sacks use a roll top closure?   Or do they use some other type of closure ??  The only difference I see between these bags is the size and the one has a viewing screen.   According to @KenBrenner's reply, looks like the 20L might be the right size for me.    Though I have to have a large enough one for 2 people.  I am hoping I can cache food at 2 places and if that happens the most food I will have to pack is enough for 2 people for 4 days.  I appreciate you help. Thanks

I also am wondering if I need a dry sack for our clothes??  I plan on using a osprey rook 65 which has a rain cover, but I don't think my partner's backpack has a rain cover.  Thanks


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