@Clayton-Smityes I agree with the others, sounds like the canister was leaking from the threads, I would bet on it.

It is extremely rare for these type of stoves to 'catch on fire', I'm not sure if I've ever heard of it.

Usually the cause of a normal 'flare up' from the burner head is a result of the fuel temperature/ mixture, but not around the base.  That sort of thing normaly happens, if it happens, with white gas stoves.


The stove has been the same more or less for many years, so I'm guessing it's not the stove.

Just try another canister.

But inspect the stove and make sure the screw on part wasn't damaged or has any debris, especially around the base or shaft....or anywhere for that matter.

On second thought, hard to say anything about the trustworthiness of the stove after a burn like you described, if we go safety first, maybe you should take it back to the store for an inspection, or send it back to MSR for evaluation.

Knowing what I know from the post, If it was me, I'd try another canister, be very gentle, but firm screwing it in, and give it another test, outside of course.

I don't suppose you could snap a photo of the 'after action' and post it?

Good luck

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