Hi! I recently purchased the msr pocket rocket and to use it I bought a sterno brand iso butane/propane fuel mix. After screwing the stove on I tried to ignite it and many attempts later I still had no flames. Finally after tightening the stove a little bit more, I was able to lite a small flame. Unfortunately, the little flame turned into a big flame and then in a few seconds the entire stove was on fire and soon after that so was the fuel mix! The flame grew to be quite large but I was able to put the fire out without any injury or significant damage, however my stove has a more charred look to it. 

No surprise, this was my first time ever using something like this lol so I have some questions! Any clue as to what I did wrong? Is my stove still safe or even useable after it was burned? Was I not suppose to use the butane and propane mix? 

Anyways, thanks for helping me out and taking the time to read my questions.

-Clayton Smit