@ngoodhew Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry you're having this issue with your pack. While it is likely you are correct that the size is the issue, there may be a few other adjustments you can make to help. We recommend starting with the Expert Advice article How to Choose and Fit a Backpack, focusing on the torso length and load lifters sections. You want to be sure that the load lifters are not over or under tensioned, and should be in a 45° angle range. We have included a photo below, for reference. Often times if the pack is not the right size/fit for you, you will notice it in the angle of those load lifter straps.

Lastly, we recommend setting up a virtual outfitting appointment with one of our product experts. They can talk through your pack with you, go over some fit options, and help determine if it is a size issue or simply not the right pack to fit you.

Hopefully this helps and we can get you out on the trail with the right pack for you soon!


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