Thanks, but as I’ve said in other posts:

  1. NO “strangers” on wilderness outings; Very often in stories of “group” survival, in recounting the initial encounters of people before they began their survival ordeal, the unreliable (and even dangerous) behavior of certain individuals was evident in their behavior before they even began the outing. This is because who you are BEFORE survival is who you’ll be DURING survival! If a person is a loose cannon in their day-to-day, then they are likely to be a loose cannon when things go wrong. I generally like to not only know who I go into the wilderness with, I like to do a full “load-out” of gear and supplies before we start.
  2. A smartphone (in a shockproof, waterproof case with a spare battery/battery bank) is an absolute MUST; Statistically, about 40% of all rescues are started with a simple phone call (not to mention smartphones can be loaded with a multitude of useful app’s including topo maps, survival guides, etc.), as opposed to about 4% for Personal Locator Beacons (PLSs). Still, I not only carry a smartphone, etc., I carry TWO different PLBs (an ACR RescueMe attached to my survival kit, and a Garmin InReach ON my pack while I’m hiking (which I put IN my pocket once I make camp).
  3. In my pockets…; WHEN I’M HIKING, I generally wear leggings, but on my belt (which is convertible to an improvised climbing harness) on which I have my survival kit, etc., I also keep a second Maxpedition Janus Extension pocket in which I carry my multitool, a headnet, a Picardian insect repellant, a few spare batteries, my headlight, and sometimes a monocular. If I’m wearing pants, in those pockets, I have my multitool, a lighter, possibly tissues (toilet paper), and a ring containing a whistle, a Maglite Solitaire (on a headband), a dog-tag size sun reflector, and my St. Christopher and St. Anthony medals.

However, I should note I call this my “CORE survival kit” because these items are what I choose to have in ALL of my outings. If I’m out n the ocean, I also have a ditch-kit which includes a packraft, a desalinator, a single water bottle (I can refill it with my desalinator), etc., etc., etc.! If I’m canyoneering, I’ll bring my climbing emergency/rescue kit, on a trek to the desert, I’ll bring extra water, cold packs, etc.

The point is, don’t rely on even a well assembled survival kit for ALL situations! An emergency/survival kit MUST include those items that reflect the type of outing you have planned!