@hikermor  LOL! "certified geezer." I totally agree! Personally, I'm 61 this year, but I'm a STRONG 61! Meaning, I've always been athletically inclined beginning with a hike down the California coastline right out of high school. Of course I had already been backpacking, BIKEpacking, sailing in addition to distance running and martial arts. Currently, as I've mentioned before, I've been a wilderness enthusiast (land and sea) and wilderness survivalist close to 35 years now. So you can imagine I've always given the young guys a run for their money!! If that were NOT the case, i certainly would NOT hit the trail for 3 weeks!!!

Actually, I was in a car accident a few weeks before the outing (I was NOT driving) and suffered three broken ribs and a partially collapsed lung, etc. I was healed up enough to carry a 70-liter pack with about 50-60 pounds of gear and supplies over fairly challenging terrain. So yeah... a STRONG 61!

"Isolation"? Not a problem, I've been on solo, month-long, survival challenges before so Isolation for three weeks (fully geared-up and supplied) is a piece of cheese cake! The most trying part of this latest outing was dealing with the cold and wet conditions. Fortunately, it was not windy which would have made a [bad] difference.

The thing with C-19 is while it does hit people harder the older they are, and people with immune-deficient systems, C-19 does NOT want to kill us! It cannot continue to proliferate if it kills everyone who contracts it!! It wants to infect the person, incubate, then spread to another person. Younger people are ideal for this viral strategy. Unfortunately, not everyone is an ideal carrier, that's when it causes real problems.

So although I'm 61, an age group that is urged to be cautious (to say nothing of people older than I), I'm in 'perfect' health! That does NOT mean I don't practice good hygiene and distancing practices, before, during and since my wilderness outing. As to younger people, while they may only experience some minor discomfort, EVERYONE who contracts and carries C-19 is potentially passing it on to someone who will EVENTUALLY have a truly bad C-19 experience. Who would want to be responsible for THAT?!?!

Stay at home, if you can't stay at home, wash your hands frequently, cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow, practice social distancing, wipe surfaces, do EVERYTHING you can to break the infection chain. If you can get out to the backcountry, continue those best practices, but LISTEN ONLY TO THE SCIENTISTS! GET/BE INFORMED.