LOL! Due respect, "moderators" can be wrong, too!!

I, on the other hand, am RARELY (if ever) wrong when I write, that's because I routinely check my sources and I listen only to scientists on scientific matters (including survival psychology, water treatment, applicable medical/pharmaceutical advice, lost person behavior, etc., and COVID-19 or "C-19").

First, as above and to reiterate, listen to the scientists NOT the politician/s... uh-huh... you KNOW who I'm talking about!

Second, yes, you can get the latest general public health information from the CDC at, and if you READ, you can also get the latest SPECIFIC research information from the NIH at "But you mentioned 'Dr. Anthony Fauci!'" The CDC, or "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" is the country's #1 governmental authority [on C-19], it is responsible for controlling the introduction and spread of infectious diseases. Dr. Anthony Fauci's (NIAID Director) credentials and qualifications are long and distinguished, but suffice to say he is the country's #1 DOCTOR AND SCIENTIST on infectious diseases [and C-19!] (He is the one who is c-o-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y correcting whatever Trump says on television). Learn more about him at The CDC does general/overall policy and controls, Fauci is involved in the actual research (BTW, he recommends not blaming the CDC for late C-19 testing!)

Third, regarding surgical masks specifically the N-95 (the round one with the aluminum nose bridge), or "PPE" (Personal Protective Equipment), they are more appropriate and NEEDED by front-line health care workers!! For "you", putting a mask on is more about preventing transmission to others than about protecting yourself! Now, read the underscored AGAIN!! That said, other than staying at home, social distancing is still the best, most reasonable, method to protect yourself, protect others, and break the infection chain [particularly when talking, when coughing/sneezing, use the crook of your elbow!]. Of course, that's not always possible, so for those situations, read the underscored AGAIN!!! And yes, this is in accord with Fauci.

Fourth, "But wait, you talked about wearing a 'Buff/bandana/etc.!' Yes I did, there WAS a shortage of proper masks when I wrote that post (FACT) - and lo-and-behold - Fauci more recently SAID to use a cloth mask. Oh, let's say, for instance a Buff/bandana/etc. To be fair, Fauci says this is in ADDITION to social distancing/isolation.

Finally, yes, if you can stay at home, stay at home. But the primary purpose for that is to REMOVE yourself [from public/contact] in order to 'break' the infection chain... which - in my opinion - can be done as effectively by removing yourself to the backcountry, which is what I chose to do (again, provided you continue to use recommended hygiene and distancing practices).

While I was out, I met up with a few friends in the backcountry, and yes, we practiced distancing and hygiene. HOWEVER, as I learned on my Garmin InReach while I was out, many trailheads were closed effectively cutting access to wilderness areas. In fact, as of April 4th (in the San Gabriel Mountain Area), 4 formal and 23 informal access points were closed resulting in 23 trails and 19 roads being closed (82 trail miles and 55 road miles). A check of the notice board at the last campground I stopped at before I returned, I saw a Notice posted which essentially said you cannot "enter or use" organized campgrounds. Obviously, all of this went into effect while I was out (just as I expected!)

This may be splitting hairs, but while this does NOT restrict the ability to walk on National Forest System land, it does restrict access to about 40,000 out of 700,000 acres of the Angeles Forest area/s. But if you ever experience a national pandemic... again... and decide to head out before they close access again, other than having good, dependable gear, you need to provide for our consumables; water, power, fuel, food.

Water, if you're near a water source, check! Power, I have a small number of batteries for my electronics and my headlight is USB rechargeable (Black Diamond ReVolt), I have a 30,000 mAh battery bank (Anker), and a 10,000 mAh batter bank (Defrost Labs) which I use with my solar panel (Goal Zero), which allowed me to extend my power reserves on sunny days, check! Fuel, while I can make the two small fuel canisters last up to almost two weeks each, I used a campfire on dry days/nights, so I had ample fuel.

Food was another matter, I have an "UR-Sack" which I can pack with up to 3 weeks of rations (I let a friend feel how heavy it was and he said, "Oh my gawd! It's like another pack!"). I always pack a few meals that are better cooked on a fire and some that don't require cooking, but unless you have the proper permits/licenses, THIS is what will limit your stay in the wilderness. All-in-all, it was a GREAT adventure! I did see a few people out. Some trail runners, a few day hikers, even a few forestry trail maintenance volunteers, but just a few campers, none of which stayed more than a night.

When it came time to leave, because it was raining heavily, I had to negotiate the backcountry canyon river as much as [what was left of] the canyon trail! In some sections there was NO trail, so I had to trek down the river while looking over m shoulder for possible floating debris! Once out of the canyon, I still had to cross, recross, and recross AGAIN another canyon river leading to/through the frontcountry. But as I got closer to my exit point, the rains made the river grow bigger and faster! On my last day, I decided to forego the last two miles, and three river crossings, in favor of 10-mile route and NO river crossings! (NOTE: A Notice posted at the exit point said the ban on entering was to last until April 30th, we'll see).

The down side was while it was nice to have the wilderness essentially to myself much of the time, the RISK was if anything went horribly wrong during ANY of those river crossings, my body would likely not have be found until after the areas were reopened! Maybe longer!! On a number of crossings, I spent considerable time deciding exactly where, or how, or WHETHER to attempt those crossings!!! Fortunately, I had satellite communicators, a survival kit, and YEARS of experience which included crossings of these kinds. Planning, preparing, experience... nothing better!