@REI-AliciaSWell, the kind of charcoal that is used for human use/consumption is processed, not scooped from someone's campfire, but essentially, yes.

But this "trick" is not unique OR original! It's been around for DECADES (actually, I believe I first saw it on a travel show!). In fact, the truth is there is VERY little that's original in survival, bushcraft, campcraft, etc. The reality is people tend to use ideas they STOLE from other people/places. Read the first books on a subject, beit survival/bushcraft, and you'll see where someone got their idea. They just take credit for it and promote themselves as ingenious. Even MY work has been used to create derivative work and presented as their own.

And it's not just YouTubers and survival-reality celebrities, I'm sure the "survivalists" in REI giving survival classes, if pressed (and honest) would admit MUCH of what they talk about actually comes from someone else. It's one of the reasons I stay away from their web sites, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, "seminars", etc.