Yes, I’m back as of yesterday! Since then, I’ve been busy catching up with friends: One friend is just days away from showing her true hair color… another is getting friendly with his volleyball… still others are just waiting to be assigned to their “Hunger Games” district. One friend said she found a man sitting on her couch, apparently he’s her husband, she said he seems nice. Another friend said she doesn’t think her dog is used to her being home so much, she just stares at her from different places around the house… tilting her head.

As I was trekking my way from the backcountry, it was almost eerie to have the trails all to myself, although I did notice squirrels, birds and other critters seemed louder, almost laughing, teasing, taunting. Now, as I change from my nighttime pajamas into my daytime pajamas, I have to wonder if anyone has told the Amish what’s going on? (Content removed by community moderator) Do the people who hoarded toilet paper realize it’s a RESPIRATORY disease? Although, I got a gag-gift of toilet paper this past Christmas with a joke on each sheet… who’s laughing NOW?!?!

Catching up on the news has been interesting. (Content removed by community moderator)

Stay safe, stay sterile... you know what I mean.