I've been doing the outdoor thing - backpacking, canoeing, rock-climbing, XC skiing - since the seventies. We prided ourselves on our wool knickers and Wilderness Experience Klettersacks, but when fleece products came along, we jumped on board. (Patagonia was the first fleece jacket I remember. Pilled like crazy, but really warm and tough.) In fact, gear-junkies that we were, we jumped on all the technological improvements that came along.

But now I miss a good pair of Dachstein wool mitts and thick wool sweaters. It used to be easy to pick up these things up at the local gear shop, but now they're tough to find in quality good enough for hiking, etc. With the environmental problems associated with synthetics, isn't it time for the outdoor industry to return to the sustainable and natural wonder-fiber - wool?

C'mon REI, lead the way.  Bring back the knitted sweater.

By the way, I still have those stylin' wool knickers. They even still fit!

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