@Kjohnstone thanks for reaching out, although we're sorry to hear your boots aren't breaking in as you hoped they would. The quick answer to your question is yes - if you aren't satisfied with how the boots are fitting, and are still within the one year window since you purchased them, you can return or exchange them.

Also know that, depending on the boot and the material it's made of, many of our stores have rubbing bars and can gently stretch specific places in the boot to help create a little more room. We often do this along the inside of the boot to help with bunions, and the outside of the boot, to help with squished baby toes. This stretching would happen naturally over time, as the boots break-in, but our stretching can accelerate the break-in and lessen some discomfort through the process.

In case you have additional questions, you can find our return policy here. Hope this helps!

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