I am looking for Delta touring kayaks (15 feet or more). I don't see them on REI for a while now. Should we expect REI to start selling them soon (any timelines around this would be helpful) ?


Hi @ssumit - Thanks for reaching out. Good news! We are expecting to carry more Delta Touring Kayaks.

Due to the variability of manufacturing, shipping, and processing times, we will be receiving kayak inventory at different times throughout the year.

The next shipment is planned to arrive by the end of March, with additional inventory expected to arrive again in late April. Is there a specific boat you are interested in? If so, we would be happy to find out more details for you. 

Hopefully this helps!

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@REI-CarterC Thanks for responding. I think earlier I replied to topic instead of replying to you. I am looking for Delta 15.5 GT or 16 or 17. Are these part of the March shipment ? If not, can you help with some model names that will be part of it and when can these models (15.5, 16, 17) be available.


Thanks for responding. This is ausumn 🙂 I am looking for Delta 15.5 GT or 16 or 17. (keeping options open to get it asap 🙂 ) Is there a way I can pre-order or pay/reserve beforehand or setup an alert at least ?