Ok, so part of me hates to post this but the other part of me is a little concerned that I'm not gonna get my package in time for my trip.  Like probably everyone else on the planet, we order A LOT of mail order stuff and have noticed some carriers have "traits".  UPS and FedEx seem to be neck and neck speedwise and dependability wise.  UPS tends to be better at customer service when things go sideways.  The USPS is kindof trailing but, if you're supposed to get the package by noon on XYZ date, you'll probably get it.  If not, the customer service is a far cry from UPS or FedEx   DHL drivers around here are dangerous.  Last but not least is LaserShip.  I ordered on Sunday, the package was supposed to be here today.  I'm spoiled but, if it had been FedEx or UPS it would have been here yesterday.  If it had been USPS, it would have been here today.  But, it's LaserShip, so it  may be here tomorrow or it may be in Venezuela.  

Is there any way that we can choose shipping options?  I'd happily pay a little more to have a reliable shipping company.

I also found this article where someone else just doesn't seem happy with LaserShip.



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