'Morning John,

OK, got it. It' s the difference between 'reward' and 'dividend', so it's a bookkeeping thing.  Rewards expire sooner, probably come out of a different pool of funds and keep the balance sheet in order.

Vivvienne's letter could have been worded much more clearly, something on the order of "instead of dividends you will receive a reward, the difference being...." instead of all that waffly language about it "will feel a lot like" and be "equivalent to".  

FYI, I'm not alone in this.  I'm just one of those who asks questions rather than fumes about it to their social media bubble.   I don't use twiddle and farcebook, but quite a few of my acquaintances who do, are expressing displeasure on their social media feeds. 

Thanks for finally 'splaining it to me,

Kayaker Bee