Thanks for trying to clarify, but now I'm really confused.  From Vivienne Long's 2/25 email (emphasis added):

.."Even though we didn’t make a profit last year, you’ll receive a member reward equivalent to what your dividend would have been: 10% back on your eligible full-price purchases in 2020.  This will feel a lot like the dividend experience you’re used to, and you’ll see your total reward in your account on March 1"..  In addition, a reply to an equiry under "Ask an employee" said ..."That is why the member reward we are giving to our members is the equivalent amount your dividend would have been".

I apologize for being so dense, but both these statements seem to say that dividends are not being paid out as usual.  In the past, I've had a dividend that I could apply to a purchase in one lump sum if I so chose.  Please define "equivalent amount your dividend would have been".  How do I redeem my 'equivalent amount'.    

The linked page just has the standard membership information it has always had.